PCB Electronic Assembly 

Allen Integrated Assemblies offers both Surface Mount and Through-hole assembly, including Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Bottom Terminated Components (BTC), of printed circuit boards. We are able to run both leaded and lead-free processes of both technologies. Our latest Surface Mount line has the capability of placing 24,000 components per hour with high speed, high precision mounting heads for fine pitched components, QFPs, BGAs & 01005 chip components and also has on-the-fly electrical verification. 

We have been successfully placing BGAs for over a decade and have the high resolution X-ray system needed for verification. Package-on-Package, (PoP),  is an integrated circuit packaging technique which vertically combines discrete logic and memory BGA packages. AIA’s proven manufacturing expertise, along with experienced technicians, allows your company to adapt this leading edge technology into your design knowing your assembly will be successfully and competently produced.

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